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It is balsamic vinegar that will give a unique breathtaking aroma to the whole dish. When the clove is ground down to half the height of the pipe, a piston-type device is put on it, the bottom of which protects the finger from the grater. The oil should cover the onion completely, it is into it that the aroma of the onion will pass.
The piston device allows you to erase the clove to almost zero, but the limiter prevents the piston from touching the grater. What ingredients do we need for this dish?
While the onion is frying, I’ll mash a few peppers in a bag. I first got acquainted with this dish in the 90s at a local market in the Vietnamese ranks and was subdued by it! Then I was not yet fond of hot peppers and I was very impressed by the sharpness of this carrot. Finely chop the onion in half rings: The result just amazed me! What you need! Uniform grinding without pressure, completely safe operation, almost no waste and high grinding speed. Plus, when squeezed, garlic loses a lot of juice. To date, this supplement has been thoroughly researched and recognized as completely safe. Modern science says that in addition to salty, sour, sweet and bitter tastes, there is one more – umami. But even more impressive was the fact that despite the fact that the lips and mouth were burning like hot coals, I wanted more and more until I finished the portion to the end. Umami has a faint but lingering aftertaste that is hard to describe, causing salivation and a soft sensation on the tongue, stimulating the throat, palate and back of the mouth. It was something incredible! As a grater for carrots, everyone prefers their own design, and I like to work like this: On my grater it looks like this: So, all the ingredients are ready: In addition, part of the garlic under pressure crawled out of all the cracks and it still had to be chopped with a knife. This is how Wikipedia describes the taste of umami: But once, in the comments to one of the reviews, I came across an interesting model and thought: – but this should work! But to say that a store-bought carrot is not like the real one is to say nothing! The softest word that comes to mind is a surrogate, designed for absolutely undemanding individuals. An ordinary grater is not an option, because a clove of garlic is not a carrot, you can’t hold it with your fingers (or you’ll be left without them).
The pipe on the guides moves back and forth between the two stops, and the finger presses the garlic clove to the grater. As a result of experiments, I got a recipe, which I will talk about below. And here’s how – it’s quite interesting. And its addition to carrots makes it the very one)).
Tools you will need a knife, a carrot grater and the hero of our review.
Then dissolve it in vegetable oil until golden brown. Of course, carrots, so we go to the store or basement and select some of the longest even carrots that we can find. Yes, it was monosodium glutamate or sodium salt of glutamic acid, aka Ajinomoto, aka additive E 621, that the Vietnamese used in their carrots, and I consider its addition highly desirable. Yes, with my peppers it was already very similar to what the Vietnamese were preparing, but I already wanted more and I began to experiment. I tried several devices for this work, but all of them had to be abandoned in the end. Optimal umami taste depends on the concentration of salt, but lightly salted food can be delicious if it contains the right amount of umami. The classic recipe calls for the onions to be thrown away, but I prefer to keep the onions.
Cooking carrots in Korean plus.

For the elderly, umami can help fight age-related loss of taste. All these designs were based on extrusion and had a significant drawback – the lion’s share of the garlic remained in the device itself, from where it then had to be scrupulously picked out with a toothpick. Loss of taste can cause nutritional problems, increasing the risk of disease. In general, I bought myself a supply of monosodium glutamate on ebey, since you rarely see such a miracle in our store. As you can see from the photo, all the garlic has been wiped off almost completely and nothing needs to be picked out, it is enough to remove the pipe from the guides, slightly bending down the stop, and rinse device under running water. I soon became interested in growing hot peppers and remembered that amazing dish from the past. There are quite a few recipes on the Internet and I have tried many of them.
The design is simple, as is the principle of operation. Umami does not taste good on its own, but it makes many types of food tastier, especially in the presence of the right flavor. Today I will demonstrate this device in operation, and in order not to be bored, I will show you my version of cooking carrots in Korean.

The best garlic grater. Long, of course, but the result is more important. Goofy vinegar and sugar in the complete absence of hot pepper, not to mention the rest. Over time, carrots completely replaced cabbage, so only carrots with spices remained from the dish. However, like the rest of the main flavors, with the exception of sweetness, umami tastes delicious only in small concentrations. Sesame and coriander are suitable as seasonings, but I also liked Khmeli-suneli carrots. You can also use a ready-made set of spices for carrots in Korean, as they usually have the necessary spices and monosodium glutamate.
Finally, the long-awaited order arrived and I tried the device in operation. But at worst, as I said above, you can use a ready-made set for Korean carrots, where this ingredient is already present. Since in the USSR it was difficult to get Beijing cabbage, which was necessary according to the recipe, they began to add carrots to the dish. I love to cook, but all my life I didn’t like chopping garlic. Korean-style carrots originated from the traditional Korean dish kimchi (spiced cabbage). Then the 90s ended, the Vietnamese disappeared somewhere and I began to see Korean-style carrots only on store shelves. In addition, studies have shown that taste, food sensation, and salinity scores were higher when umami was present in a low-salt soup. My pepper is serious – Bhut Let’s also take a couple of onions, a few cloves of garlic, hot peppers (can be dried), sunflower oil, salt, sugar, spices and my know-how – balsamic vinegar. Many are afraid of glutamate and in vain.
Since today’s review is about a grater for garlic, I will dwell on it in more detail. All done with garlic in less than a minute! Next, three carrots. So I went back to just chopping the garlic with a knife.

The best garlic grater. Cooking carrots in Korean plus.
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