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We open it, inside we are waiting for a box covered with transparent polyethylene with adhesive tape. The assembly is so obvious that even children will not have questions about assembly, we take the number of parts needed, which is indicated on the current page of the diagram. and collect step by step, moving from number to number.
and a sticker with unambiguously important information, but I have not yet understood its importance To say that my 4 year old child was happy is an understatement.
The details are arranged in different bags There are also 6 tires of our dump truck. So I will write on my own behalf. And there is a large color scheme of the assembly.
I’ll hide further photos of the assembly under the spoiler so as not to break your scroll. As a result, we get a cool dump truck, with a full-fledged chassis, steering, differential and a well-thought-out mechanism for lifting the body.
I also drew a bulldozer, but there is no diagram for assembling it.
And also there is an instruction
Chinese characteristics on the back
There is a logo for a mitu
The designer consists of more than 530 small parts.
Opening the box inside, our wealth is waiting for us)) even the hair is moving from anticipation of a long assembly Hello everyone! I have long wanted to try this designer, because I know that things from Xiaomi are of good quality. (internal xiaomite).
And also a dump truck itself is drawn
Adding a body Assembling as shown, right down to the colors and not worrying about the result
In the instructions there are warnings about the danger of toys for small children. In general, this can be real …
Installing the cab on the frame
All the details fit perfectly and we get a finished solution

Constructor from Xiaomi mining dump truck

But he most likely would not have been able to assemble it himself, so his dad helped him in the assembly. the son immediately began to say what and how dad needs to collect because the steps are signed in numbers, and we count up to ten easily) Boy Vasya, 30 years old. Having looked briefly at the assembly diagram, you understand that there is nothing unrealistic, everything is drawn so scrupulously. that you should just relax and trust the miracle of Chinese thought and collect collect collect… And just then it was an opportunity to get a review. The designer arrives in an ordinary postal package
The constructor is assembled from small parts, which are then combined into a single whole and you can see how our dump truck grows Dad was as happy as a child.
When it became clear where the driver will sit, go to the body
On the front of the box it is marked that the game should be played dump truck can be used by children from 6 years old. I must say right away, who is looking for a high-quality designer, the finished product from which it will be possible to play as a full-fledged toy, without fear for its fragility, this mit should be taken.
Starts draw the front of the truck, and suddenly go to the cab
Well, and some kind of hieroglyphs
Adding the steering bar with rods and hinges. Welcome under cat. We start small, absolutely not realizing where this will lead us.
Going to the differential

Constructor from Xiaomi mining dump truck
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